Our goal is to raise awareness of hydrological risks and help bridge the gap between science and practice

Cédric Hananel, Arctik

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Media toolkit - IMPREXive game

As part of the launch of our IMPREXive serious game, we have made a media toolkit that can be used to promote the game. 

The kit includes:

banners and model posts that can be used on social media

some website banners

a short, accessible description of the game

a press release

a PowerPoint slide with one of the campaign images (plus an extra slide to add some info on)eu

For additional information or promotional materials, please contact Katrien Witpas at katrien.witpas@arctik.eu.

POLICY BRIEF - Probabilistic Approaches for Improved Flood Risk Assessment and Management under consideration of uncertainties

One of the challenges faced by Member States in implementing the Floods Directive is how to factor in uncertainties in flood hazard and flood risk assessments within flood risk management strategies. Tools are needed to support decision-making on appropriate flood measures under consideration of uncertainties. Here is how IMPREX can help.

POLICY BRIEF - The importance of including compound events in the implementation of the Floods Directive

Compound flooding, floods due to multiple flood drivers such as heavy rain, storm surges, or high runoff rates, has caused some of the most destructive floods in Europe. Still, the compounding nature of multiple drivers is not sufficiently emphasized in current flood hazard and risk scenarios developed, for example, in the context of the Floods Directive. This may lead to a biased assessment of flood risk, both for current and future climate conditions. This IMPREX policy brief presents guidance for policies that take into account the risks of compound flooding.

POLICY BRIEF - A new dimension in EU’s Climate Adaptation Policy: EU’s vulnerability to climate change impacts outside its borders

IMPREX poster - User needs assessment

DEPENDENCIES OF EUROPE’S ECONOMY ON OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD IN TERMS OF WATER RESOURCES - Executive summary: EU’s vulnerability to water scarcity and drought

Executive Summary of the IMPREX Deliverable D12.1: Dependence of European economy on water issues elsewhere

IMPREX poster