IMPREX sister projects

BINGO: Improving climate predictions for the water sector @EU_BINGO

Climateurope: Linking Science and Society @climateurope

RESIN: Standardised tools for climate-resilient cities & infrastructures

EU-CIRCLE: A pan-European framework for strengthening resilience of critical infrastructure  @eu_circle

TRANSrisk: Transitions pathways & risk analysis for climate change mitigation & adaptation strategies

GREEN-WIN: Green growth & win-win strategies for sustainable climate action

CD LINKS: Linking climate & development policies & leveraging international networks

PRIMAVERA: Developing a new generation of high-resolution climate models

CRESCENDO: Increasing the reliability of earth system projections & climate models


ANYWHEREEnhANcing emergencY management and response to extreme WeatHER and climate Events @AnywhereH2020

LIFE DrainRain: Runoff water purification from pavements: a novel integral system of pervious concrete pavement & insitu water treatment

S2S4E: Sub-seasonal to seasonal climate predictions for energy