IMPREX sessions at EGU 2018: call-for-abstracts open!

IMPREX sessions at EGU 2018: call-for-abstracts open!
IMPREX Early Career Scientist

IMPREX is once again very present at EGU 2018, with a wide range of sessions and short courses (co-)convened by IMPREX partners! We have summarised these below to help you find (a) suitable session(s) to which to submit your abstract(s) (click on their title for more information).

Title: Ensemble hydro-meteorological forecasting
(Co-)Convener: Fredrik Wetterhall, Tomasz Niedzielski, Maria-Helena Ramos, Jan Verkade, Kolbjorn Engeland, Rebecca Emerton

Title: Predictive uncertainty estimation and data assimilation for hydrological forecasting and decision making
(Co-)Convener: Oldrich Rakovec, Albrecht Weerts , Hamid Moradkhani , Marie-Amélie Boucher , Rodolfo Alvarado Montero , Joshua K. Roundy 

Title: From probabilities to preparedness: early action in response to hazard forecasts
(Co-)Convener: Gabriela Guimarães Nobre, Konstantinos Bischiniotis, Erin Coughlan de Perez, Brenden Jongman, Liz Stephens, Bart van den Hurk

Title: From sub-seasonal forecasting to climate projections: predicting hydrologic extremes and servicing water managers
(Co-)Convener: Louise Crochemore, Henning Rust, Bart van den Hurk, Christopher White, Johannes Hunink, Tim aus der Beek, Louise Arnal

Title: Operational forecasting and warning systems for natural hazards: challenges and innovation
(Co-)Convener: Michael Cranston, Ján Szolgay, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Femke Davids

Title: Advances in modelling and control of environmental systems: from drainage and irrigation to hybrid energy generation
(Co-)Convener: Alla Kolechkina, Matteo Giuliani, Jonathan Herman, Andreas Efstratiadis, Mashor Housh, Eric Duviella

Title: Addressing the challenge of compound events, multi-risk modelling and cross-risk assessment methods
(Co-)Convener: Jakob Zscheischler, Philip Ward, Marleen de Ruiter, Sonia Seneviratne, Gabriele Hegerl, Robert Vautard, Lisa Alexander, Seth Westra, Michael Leonard, Thomas Wahl, James Daniell

Title: Risk Management and risk hedging with examples from natural catastrophic events
(Co-)Convener: Gero Michel, James Daniell , Christopher Sampson , Slobodan Simonovic , Philip Ward  

Title: Global and continental scale risk assessment for natural hazards: methods and practice
(Co-)Convener: Philip Ward, Hessel Winsemius,  James Daniell, Melanie J. Duncan, Hannah Cloke

Title: Snow hydrology: Monitoring and modelling of snow
(Co-)Convener: Guillaume Thirel, Juraj Parajka , Ladislav Holko, Francesco Avanzi, Doris Duethmann 

Title: Using R in Hydrology
(Co-)Convener: Louise Slater,  Shaun Harrigan, Tobias Gauster, Alexander Hurley, Guillaume Thirel

Title: Novel techniques that worked or failed in teaching hydrology - teachers and students stories
(Co-)Convener: Nejc Bezak , Lieke Melsen, V. Merwade, Mojca Sraj , Guillaume Thirel 

Title: Costs of Natural Hazards
(Co-)Convener: Heidi Kreibich, Laurens Bouwer, Daniela Molinari, Thomas Thaler, Hans de Moel

There are of course many other sessions at EGU 2018 and we invite you to have a look at the programme here.

The call-for-abstracts is already open and you have until 10 January 2018 to submit your abstract(s)! If you qualify and would like to apply for financial support, you have until 1 December 2017. More information on how to submit an abstract here.

And if you are still not quite sure whether to go to EGU next year, the picture below might convince you! ?  You can also read about the IMPREX early career scientists’ experience at EGU 2017 here.


We hope to see many of you there!

If you are (co-)convening a session or short course and cannot find it here, leave us a comment below.


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