IMPREX - Final Technical Report

The Final Technical Report provides an overview of the outcomes and societal impacts that the IMPREX project has reached. A selection of the highlights as well as an overview of the results and their exploitation and dissemination is presented.

Here is the shortlist of the contribution you can find in the report: 

  • Contribution to improved weather prediction systems

  • Improved seasonal precipitation forecasts

  • High-resolution future weather scenarios

  • Tool to detect sources of limitations of seasonal forecasting systems

  • Upgrade of hydrological forecasting model for the Netherlands

  • Evaluation of seasonal forecasting systems for sectoral applications

  • Future climate assessment for sectoral applications

  • Analysis of compound events

  • Risk based water allocation scheme

  • Improved flood damage assessment based on open data and probabilistic modelling

  • Economic value of using forecasts for hydropower generation

  • Water navigation oriented probabilistic forecasting system

  • Forecasting systems to service Drinking Water Treatment Plants

  • Evaluation of usefulness of seasonal forecasts for water resource planning

  • Updated water accounting system

  • A Machine Learning tool to monitor impact-oriented drought

  • Assessment of non-European climatic drivers of European economic vulnerability

  • Hydrological Risk Outlook

  • EU policy analysis on floods and drought management

Read the full report here



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