IMPREX partners publish a novel framework for index-based drought analysis

The analysis of climate trends shows that drought frequency and severity are intensifying all over Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean area.

Drought detection and monitoring in highly regulated water systems is a challenging modeling problem because many human-controlled variables (e.g., reservoirs and groundwater levels) as well as uncontrolled hydro-meteorological variables (e.g., precipitation, temperature, natural inflows) may in principle contribute to the onset of a drought. 

The definition of basin-specific drought indexes requires to identify an optimal subset of candidate drought predictors and to define how to effectively combine them balancing index accuracy and compactness.

​​​​​​Since traditional drought indexes often fail at detecting critical events in highly regulated systems, a novel framework for the construction of customised basin-specific drought indexes has been proposed by IMPREX partners from Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Universitat Politecnica de Valencia.

FRIDA (FRamework for Index-based Drought Analysis) is a fully-automated and generalisable framework for the design of basin-customised drought indexes. 


Automatic design of basin-specific drought indexes for highly regulated water systems  (Zaniolo et al., 2018)

The complete dataset employed in the feature selection step can be downloaded open source from Zaniolo et al. (2018). Raw and processed hydro-meteorological variables of Jucar river basin for feature selection [Data set]. Zenodo.



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