Agriculture and droughtsThe potential increasing occurrence of droughts, affecting local and regional food security and economies, poses a major threat to the agricultural sector in Europe. Agriculture is a major economic sector and forms a significant part of the food supply in Europe.

Especially in the Mediterranean part of Europe, droughts are relatively frequent. Below-average conditions in water resources availability can have serious consequences for the agricultural sector also in Northern Europe.

The agricultural sector, water managers and other decision-makers can benefit from climatological and hydrological outlooks to better anticipate drought conditions and take preventive actions to reduce their impacts. However, the use of operational forecasts and projections is still limited.

In this sectoral survey, new methodologies and tools will be applied in various case studies to learn from historic drought events and to better anticipate future events

Partners: Future Water, TUC, Deltares, IVM, HKV, UPV, POLMIL


Request for participation: Needs assessment for climate predictions in the agricultural sector

Weather and climate predictions are getting better and better - but are they actually reaching you? And are they serving your needs?

A large consortium of European institutes and the private sector are working together in the IMPREX project to understand this better so we can respond to these needs.

Key questions we have are:

1. What weather and climate predictions are you using today, if any?
2. What are you missing, and what is actually of interest for your organisation?

With this survey, we aim to collect your viewpoint on the need for and the value of weather and climate services for the agricultural sector in Europe and internationally. The purpose is to help us improve current forecasts and their usefulness.

Filling in the survey will only take you approximately 7 minutes but your input is very much needed and highly valuable for the IMPREX project.

All answers will be treated confidentially and anonymously.

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