Flood inundation prediction and risk assessmentsDecision-makers in both public and private arenas need accurate information on fluvial flood risks to assess strategic decision-making on risk reduction and climate adaptation in the short-term (e.g. efficient warning and decision-making, evacuation planning, financial liquidity to cover losses) as well as long-term.

In particular, flood risk assessments are relevant for civil protection and the private insurance sector for household and business policies. Also, new approaches are needed for assessing correlated risks related to flood occurrence and impacts at local and European scales.

In this sectoral survey, we aim to develop short-to-medium, seasonal and long-term improved flood risk assessments for fluvial flooding, in close consultation with stakeholders who need flood risk and damage information.

The case studies for this sectoral survey include the lowland stretches of the Rhine River (in the Netherlands and Germany, downstream from Bonn), the Elbe River (Germany), Somerset (UK), the Bisagno catchment (Italy) and several water board areas in the Netherlands. In addition, an EU-wide analysis will be performed.

Partners: Deltares, KNMI, UREAD, IVM, HKV, CIMA, GFZ