IMPREX will make the bridge between now and later

Bart van den Hurk, KNMI

Learn from today to anticipate tomorrow

Recent hydrological extreme events demonstrate the vulnerability of European society to water-related natural hazards, and there is strong evidence that climate change will worsen these events in the coming years.

Future hydrological extremes may be very different from today’s reality and difficult to predict. Changed water-related extremes will have important implications on the water sector and the design of water management practices. There is an urgent need for “actionable research” to guide decisions! We do not only want to know what’s going on with our climate, we also need to know how to respond and act.

In this context, IMPREX is designed to support the reduction of Europe’s vulnerability to hydrological extremes through improved understanding of the intensity and frequency of future disrupting events. Enhancing our forecasting capability will increase the resilience of the European society as a whole, while reducing costs for strategic sectors and regions.

IMPREX is built upon a strong team of experts from public and private sectors as well as universities and research institutes with complementary skills and experiences. The direct involvement of a broad range of users from key economic sectors will ensure the relevance of the project outputs.